29 Nov 2018

Website Development for Business

Effective Website Development For Business

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As a website development company, we argue there is much more to effective website development than simply choosing the lowest cost supplier, giving them a minimum brief on required outcomes and leaving them to it. If you would like your website development to be a benefit not simply a cost then you will need to invest a little time in the process before going anywhere near any potential supplier.

First it is important to list your objectives for the website and consider its primary function. Is it intended simply to attract more business from existing customers? Or is it intended to attract a mix of both new customers and more business from existing customers and if so what is the split. If the website purpose is to find more customers describe them, who are they, where are they and why should they buy from you.

If the target is existing customers then what is the purpose of the website. Assuming they know what you do, the basic products you supply and how they can get hold of you then what is the function of the website? It is suggested the website should provide useful relevant information which will keep customers coming back for more and give you the opportunity to up sell / cross sell.

For new customers the website will need to provide some background on the company and boost your credibility. After all the hard work to get prospects to your website you need to engage them and keep them there at least long enough for them to understand that you can deliver what they need and are a credible supplier. You then need to keep them coming back for more until they are ready to buy.

Some key numbers should be identified. What is the budget for the website development process (note the word process – more on that below)? With this figure to hand what return on investment do you expect (break even, 5x, 10x, more) and in what timescales.

If new customers are part of the website objective then part of the overall budget will need to be kept back for search engine marketing. There is little point investing in a website if it will not be found by prospects searching for your products or services online.

Let’s assume the website development budget is GBP1000 and the required return on investment is 5x then it is a simple task to establish how many more products or services need to be purchased as a direct result of the website. Track purchases if practical or as a minimum website visitors to establish if the target is hit.

There is much to consider during the business website development process. It is important to do the research and groundwork before any supplier is approached to ensure the investment is not wasted. With the website in place success should be monitored and content modified and updated on an ongoing basis to achieve the desired result.

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Disclaimer: This article is written by Phil D Smith. Article Source: EzineArticles.com.

01 Mar 2016

Be Unique, Simple, and Global With Web Design

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Web Design

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Our team at WP Management all have functions. Like in web development, every assistant, manager, supporter, viewer, and CEO all have their own unique purposes. From Java Script and CSS to HTML and Firefox, our software developers will make you stand apart from the millions of other WordPress sites.

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