A Hosting Service That Delivers

Every website that is hosted on the Web Hosting Logic network is run over multiple servers. What this means to you is that your website, email, and DNS are all run on separate servers. If one of those servers should ever fail, you would not notice any significant down time.

We don’t just back up your site to another place on the same server that your site is being hosted on. We implement backups every day and bring them to a completely separate server so that they’re ready for use at all times.

We have developed sophisticated software that monitors every server on our network minute-by-minute. If at any time, a server should get overloaded or quit running for any reason, our software will restart the server or process to ensure that your site, email, and DNS is running at all times.

As a professional hosting provider, we will never implement upgrades on a live server. For any website, upgrading a system that is running could be dangerous to the stability of the server and the system as a whole; not to mention the fact that your website could go offline and you could potentially lose your files. Web Hosting Logic has a timely maintenance schedule for servers and completes backups before updates or changes are implemented. All customer accounts are moved to a different server to ensure zero down time.

We maintain powerful UNIX servers loaded with memory and hard disk space. All of our network servers are operated off a redundant Tier One Internet Connections.

When you sign up with Web Hosting Logic, your account is activated on the spot and is ready for use.

With Web Hosting Logic, your account or any network access will never be terminated without notice for any reason. If there is a legitimate problem, we’ll contact you first to inform you of a situation and provide instructions as to the next steps to be taken.

Customer Service/Support

When you have a problem that requires technical assistance, the Web Hosting Logic support group is here to help you any time you need it. Assistance is available by phone or email: [email protected]. You can also visit the support page and create a ticket. You should receive a response within minutes, if not within the hour. If your site appears to be down, please call 650-565-8211.