Become an Affiliate

Web Hosting Logic has developed a simple and effective way to say Thank You while allowing our customers to zero out their hosting costs each month. Our affiliate program takes only a minute to sign up. By clicking on the above button labeled “Affiliate Program Signup Form” you’ll be taken to a simple form which provides all of the necessary information to sign you up to receive commission checks monthly.

Your account will automatically be created along with a special link that your customers will use when signing up for hosting services with Web Hosting Logic. After you install the link code or banner code on your web page…you’re done. There is no maintenance necessary for your link code. You setup the account once and you never have to touch it again. If you wish, at any time, you can login using the button labeled “Affiliate Commission Tracking” and change the banner or link style that you use on your page. For HTML experts, you can do many modifications as long as the “click through” link remains the same.

The Program

Once a customer has clicked on your affiliate link and entered our website, they can then visit our site and even visit other websites. After they return to the Web Hosting Logic site and complete the sign up process, your account will automatically be credit with 10% of the transaction dollar amount.


Web Hosting Logic Pays 10% of the first month’s hosting fees for every account that signs up through your affiliate link. For example, if you sign up a $14.95 account, you will receive $1.49 in commission. If you sign up a $250.00 account, you will receive $25.00 in commission. This applies to all web hosting plans.


Commissions to affiliates are paid out on a monthly basis. For every account that signs up with Web Hosting Logic through your affiliate link, you will receive commission for that account in the monthly check following the activation of the new account.


  1. You DO NOT have to be a customer of Web Hosting Logic in order to be an Affiliate.
  2. You must provide valid information by which we can contact you for any necessary reason.
  3. Any inappropriate conduct or use of the Web Hosting Logic Affiliate Program can result in your account being terminated and payment of commissions forfeited.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Web Hosting Logic Affiliate Program, please call us toll-free at 866-945-4678.